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Minutes of the October 29th General Assembly

October 30, 2011 in GA Minutes

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At 4pm Saturday October 29th, the General Assembly commenced. Volunteers were chosen to be Facilitator, Stack Coordinator and Recorder.

Everyone introduced themselves and the minutes of the G.A. of Wednesday Oct. 26th were read. A vote was taken and consensus reached that an audio recording would be allowed by WAZU FM 90.7 of our General Assembly.
Agenda items were submitted and approved as follows:

1. Oakland recap. – The differrence of Peoria’s police response compared to other cities was noted. Since they are also part of the 99 percent and we are not occupying a place overnight, we enjoy no interference whatsoever from them.

- If we should want to do a civil disobedience activity, it must be discussed at the GA in open and be voted on.
The GA agreed that more people are needed before we can plan any such activity and that we should have legal advice
available in our decision making. We should be creative but also on the look out for trouble-makers who are either too anxious
for civil disobedience or are infiltrating to get us bad press. The GA voted 100% for no solo activites by Occupy members.

Don Necessary said Occupy Peoria received 100 dollars for our printing or room rent fees.
Educational events indoors is now desired at the temperature plummets and locations are being considered. Our strength is in our numbers. Outreach and education was agreed to be our first goal.
The statement about Oakland was already posted on the Web site.

2. Bloomington-Normal event on November 5th.
An invitation from the Occupy BloNo for maybe 10-20 Peorians to join them downtown Bloomington was conveyed.
The BloNo GA of Thursday Oct 27th, agreed that by showing support for their march on Saturday the 5th would be reciprocated by joining us on November 11th downtown Peoria. They also agreed that they would notify us if an act of Civil Disopbedience was planned. A question was raised as to whether support would be in addition to or instead of Peoria’s protests. A show of hands was requested to see how many might be able to participate in Bloomington. Since about 5 hands were raised of those present, the GA agreed to continue with Peoria Protests as usual.
– Discussion was raised about a possible November 4th action to withdraw money from Bank accounts from certain banks. No one had specific details, so no vote was taken on action on the 4th.

3. Goals
- Several people read their ten reasons for participating in Occupy Peoria as asked at last Saturday’s GA. Several also stated that it would be wise to just adopt the declaration of the OWS. And several people agreed that accountability, justice and maintaining our freedoms should be added to the list.
-A vote was taken and consensus reached that 5 main ideas to represent our group should be decided on by voting of the members of our list serve. A 100 percent vote is desired for the top five reasons within 2 weeks ending November 12th.
The list is being compiled by Benjamin Machalek at ansonmachalek@gmail.com and reason should be submitted to him now. However, the voting will commence via e-mail and the results will be given to the Saturday Oct 12th, GA. Look for an e-mail to the listserve from Benjamin soon. It was agreed that this list will be redefined by the GA as an ongoing project.

4. November 11th. – Since there is a parade on Veterans Day, those who have served in the armed forces to protect our freedoms wish to participate. Don Necessary took an action to research if we can be entered in the parade. If not, the GA should determine where and when we should assemble on November 11th.

5. November 12th – Discussion was on whether we can support the Bradley Action Committee on campus if they get permission to demonstrate on the quad. David will let us know how soon and where they plan to demonstrate. The GA voted to continue with plans to demonstrate from 10am till noon at Sterling and War Memorial Drive and then from 1pm to 3pm at Main and University.
The GA voted to hold the Saturday GA at 3pm on November 5th at an indoor location. Consensus was reached for meeting at the Peoria Library downtown. Paul MIller took an action to reserve a room for the GA from 3-5pm. Other potential locations include:

Avanti’s, the Field House restaurant, One World Cafe or the Labor Temple. Members expressed an interest in staying business friendly in the Bradley neighborhood to build goodwill.

The GA was adjourned at 6pm

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