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Minutes of the November 5th General Assembly

November 6, 2011 in GA Minutes, Uncategorized

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Today at 4pm, we held our General Assembly at the Peoria Public Library’s auditorium.

First on the agenda was selection of the Facilitator, Stack Coordinator and Recorder.

Second, the minutes of the October 29th were read.

Third, the topic of audio recordings of actions involving police was discussed. Since violation of the state law is a class 1 Felony,
the Assembly reached consensus that Occupy Peoria does not condone or encourage the illegal recording of police action.
Fourth, the Assembly approved next weekend’s schedule is as follows:

Saturday from 10am to Noon will be the demonstration at the corner of Sterling Ave. and War Memorial Drive.
from 1pm to 3pm will be the demonstration at the corner of University and Main St.
from 3pm until 5pm will be the General Assembly at the Peoria Public Library
Fifth, the Assembly discussed Veterans’ Day with the decision that any action would be viewed as negative. So, the only
option left would be to have our Occupy Veterans give statements of support and have them posted on the web-site.
6th, Continuing demonstrations at the Federal Courthouse on Wednesdays was discussed and consensus reached on conducting
the demonstration from 3pm until 5pm on November 9th.
7th, Goals was discussed and attendees invited to continue submitting goals to Benjamin Machalek at ansonmachalek@gmail.com

voting on the top 5 goals will be completed by e-mail by the November 12th General Assembly.
8th, Ryan Frascone of the SEIU discussed help the SEIU can give to OccupyPeoria in terms of numbers of participants and having
specialists give us training sessions on organizing, canvassing and media management. The Assembly agreed to participating
in this training.

9th, the Bradley Action Committee announced that they attended Occupy BloNo today and were impressed with the encampment
at ISU. They announced that they wish to organize an occupation with a similar encampment. However, persons who are
not students are not allowed to participate according to Bradley regulations. The Assembly agreed to support the Bradley
students in their organization and occupation. A wish list for tents, etc. will be conveyed and put on the OccupyPeoria

The library closed at 6pm and the Assembly adjourned.

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