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Statement of Autonomy

November 19, 2011 in News, Past Proposals

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Statement of Autonomy

Passed by the General Assembly at Occupy Peoria

Occupy Peoria is a people’s movement. It is party-less, leaderless, by the people and for the people. It is not a business, a political party, an advertising campaign or a brand.  It is not for sale.

We welcome all, who, in good faith, petition for a redress of grievances through non-violence.  We provide a forum for peaceful assembly of individuals to engage in participatory as opposed to partisan debate and democracy.  We welcome dissent.

Any statement or declaration not released through the Occupy Peoria General Assembly and made public online at www.occupypeoria.org should be considered independent of Occupy Peoria.

We wish to clarify that Occupy Peora is not and never has been affiliated with any established political party, candidate or organization.  Our only affiliation is with the people.

The people who are working together to create this movement are its sole and mutual caretakers.  If you have chosen to devote resources to building this movement, especially your time and labor, then it is yours.

Any organization is welcome to support us with the knowledge that doing so will mean questioning your own institutional frameworks of work and hierarchy and integrating our principles into your modes of action.


Occupy Peoria values collective resources, dignity, integrity and autonomy above money.  We have not made endorsements.  All donations are accepted anonymously and are transparently allocated via consensus by the Occupy Peoria General Assembly.

We acknowledge the existence of professional activists who work to make our world a better place.  If you are representing, or being compensated by an independent source while participating in our process, please disclose your affiliation at the outset.  Those seeking to capitalize on this movement or undermine it by appropriating its message or symbols are not a part of Occupy Peoria.

We stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and everyone aligned with the Occupy Wall Street Statement of Autonomy (http://www NULL.nycga NULL.net/resources/statement-of-autonomy/).  We are Occupy Peoria.

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