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Proposal for the November 26th General Assembly

November 21, 2011 in Future Proposals

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Since this subject keeps coming up and it sounds applicable to Peoria’s citizens’ right to better representation in City GOvernment, I would like to add to the agenda the possibility for Action by the Occupy Peoria movement to start a petition drive to force a ballot issue to increase the number of districts and to reduce the number of at-large members of City Council in Peoria in order to give fair representation for Peoria’s citizens. Details known so far include:
1. The threshold is high and the timeline short – 7,050 signatures from registered Peoria voters by December 19th, 2011
2. Today, the city has (5) representative districts & (5) at large council members. All (5) of the at large members are from the 5th district – the highest income per capita of the districts by far – meaning essentially 60% of Council is from the 5th district.
3. After months of public hearings and public comments in favor of changing the city’s cumulative voting system for City Council, the current representatives voted largely against giving voters an opportunity to even weigh in on changes on the March ballot.

Please research this issue and bring your thoughts and information to the November 26th General Assembly at the Peoria Public Library at 3pm.



6 responses to Proposal for the November 26th General Assembly

  1. Sorry, that's a idea! Cumulative voting is an alternative to winner-take-all elections — a kind of proportional representation, as typically backed by Occupy in other cities. A candidate in Peoria can win one of five at-large seats with the strong support of about 15% to 20% of voters. The majority earns the most seats, but those  in the minority earn their fair share.
    Peoria's version of the 1% is leading the effort for winner-take-all elections where minority voices can be shut out. Most districts will be noncompetitive, as we know from all the winner-take-all elections used in other cities and for state and congressional elections.

  2. Oops. Meant to say "that's  not a good idea"….. Bar better to use cumulative voting to expand diversity of representation in Peoria!

    • If you ask Minority leaders in Peoria, I don’t think they see it proportional at all when the big money candidates all come from one district and sweep all of the at large seats.  If the city were divided up into more districts, better representation is possible for the constituents. 

      It might not be feasible at this point to create a petition and get the 7,050 signatures by the middle of December.  Just to get it on the March ballot.  So, this discussion may be tabled for later. 

  3. I agree, Don. The five at-large seats being filled by one district does not represent Peoria fairly. And I don't agree with cummlative voting, everyone's vote is equal. Could we use an internet tool such as change.org to gather signatures?

  4. http://clerk.ci.seattle.wa.us/~public/meetingrecords/2011/fullcouncil/fullcouncil20111114_1.pdf (http://clerk NULL.ci NULL.seattle NULL.wa NULL.us/~public/meetingrecords/2011/fullcouncil/fullcouncil20111114_1 NULL.pdf)
    Seattle's resolution, whatcha all think?

  5. Could you guys gauge an interest of how many people are willing to occupy/ know anything in terms of working on making that happen?

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