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GA Minutes – Saturday, December 3rd – 1:00pm

December 4, 2011 in Assemblies, GA Minutes

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Agenda Item #1 – Indoor space – (Shannon)

He located two potential properties away from Fulton plaza worth pursuing. The cost of the rentals will be researched this week.

Possibility to do a work/trade agreement to fix up 123 Adams adjacent to the plaza, but the property needs extensive ceiling and electrical work.

Does moving indoors take away from the cause? 

Safety issues with extreme cold.

Protest outside/meet inside – find a balance

Pursue a free place? Focus upon movement and outreach around town – churches, civic organizations?

Come back seasonally.

Need a place to hold supplies. 

Illegal to set up tent? Need to ask the city. 

Proposal to gather more info for a permanent spot to keep supplies – proposal passes with 25 people present

Agenda Item #2 – Email contact info for action items – Harry

Confusion about where and when events are happening

Don has the email list – he should be contacted to add names to the list – bring more info how to do that next meeting 

Facebook – dealing with negative comments and keeping people updated on events – Bradley group updates regularly and keeps trolls at bay

Occupypeoria.org, ustream, YouTube, & twitter were all suggested.

Meeting notices and minutes will be on the .org page

Agenda item #3 – Donations of items policy – Shannon

Where do we put donated items from the public? Cash food phones. 

How do we keep our collection tidy? 

We will get a prepaid phone donation for those present here. 

Phone contact list and emergency contact list are needed

Agenda item #4 – Is there a treasurer? – Harry


It was suggested that we open a credit union account if the need arises. Group or personal account? 

Two co-signer proposal to open an account at cefcu. Need a business account needs a business ID? Tax obligations? 27 people now.

T-shirt sales?

Make a wish list for goods and services 

If its a small amount of money is donated, consensus was made to accept it (for coffee)

Consensus was also reached to accept goods rather than monetary donations if possible.

Agenda item #5 – Safety – Andrea

Get a first aid kit, hand sanitizer.

Should we ask drunk homeless to leave? 

We have the responsibility to take care of each other.

Take personal responsibility!

Overtalk issue?

Late night danger! Walking to vehicles.

Battery issues for cell phones

Should have at least two people with at least one cell phone.

Need morning rush-shift people. Make a schedule to work this out.

Have someone on call. Contribute at least two hours every other day if possible?

Agenda item #6 – Include this GA info at the 3pm GA – Paul


Agenda item #7 – Forming a mediation team – Joey

Keep people honest and grown up. Maturity emphasized. Step in if an issue overshadows our mission. If you notice conflicts, stop them.

Proposal for everyone to be responsible and help resolve conflicts.

Passed. 24 people.

Agenda item #8 – Shift times & scheduling – Shannon & Larry

Start to commit to times on the occupy site. Need people during the morning rush. Civic center events. Sign up in our scheduling notebook before you leave.

Is the goal for 24/7?

Is there a point to stay overnight?

Agenda item #9 – Mission/purpose for being here – Bob

Pick out 3 strong topics to discuss. Local corporate giveaways? 

Specialized topics?

Take money out of politics.

Politicians being bought.

Get ahold of the local crime stats. 

City layoffs vs Marriot funding.

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