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General Assembly Minutes – Tuesday, December 6th – 6pm

December 8, 2011 in Assemblies, GA Minutes

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General Assembly Minutes – Tuesday, December 6th – 6pm

[Review of the GA minutes from Monday @ 11am]

Previous Agenda item #1 – Sustainability
Is 24/7 sustainable? Limit hours per week? Exhaustion. December – students leaving for the semester. Cold weather. Holidays
Proposal: Adjust hours to 9am start (daybreak over buildings, increased foot traffic, etc.) until the 6pm GA.

Previous Agenda item #2 – Supplies
A storage shed in Morton is available. Have a garage/storage unit next to the laura bradley house. Slim down to food, blankets, and tarps? Any developments on a permanent space? 123 adams adjacent to plaza may be expensive. Labor temple charges a fee, but are they open to storing supplies? Bradley storage?

Previous Agenda item #3 – Winterized Encampment
Army tents, heating sources. Wood burners don’t need a permit. Electricity. Winter clothing.

[End discussion of previous GA minutes.]

Agenda item #1 – General Discussion of the Current Occupation -

Do we intend to occupy with reduced hours 9am – 6pm until the holiday or bad weather?

Pros: Focused energies. Safety at night. 

Suggestion to not propose an ending time after the 6pm GA

Suggestion that the last person packs items of importance (books, chairs, etc.)

Pack important things for garage storage tonight?

What about inclement weather?

Suggestion to encourage personal responsibility for supplies. Only bring items you feel comfortable donating or losing.

Will people complain about leaving our supplies unattended? Littering?

Donations of warm weather materials – coats, scarves, etc. left unused since their on-site donation? 

Homeless attendee suggests that the Salvation Army has everything they need, and encourages donation to local support services for children. Goodwill.

Keep frequently used supplies on-site at all times? (blankets, gloves, art supplies, etc.)

Post a list of the needs? 

Occupypeoria.org; Twitter: @occupypeoria #needsoftheoccupiers

Homeless attendee suggests we create a needs for the homeless list (salvation army and church meal times, etc.). Suggested response is to work this into the outreach working group.

Suggestion to be self-sufficient. Pros: not risking littering..

Summarization of the items discussed and agreement to move on to other agenda items.

Agenda item #2 – Other Permanent Spaces for the Winter - 

Mt Zion baptist church will let us use a room the size of the library room if we schedule days and hours.

Suggestion to draft days and hours to pass to them.

Do we need a workshop place?

Motion to gather potential places for workshops and GAs and continue to maintain Fulton Plaza presence. Passed.

Agenda item #3 – Winterizing Encampent -

An attendee has been developing a design to build an insulated disposable cost of $10. Fifteen hours to build and assemble? Has a quarter-scale model.

Build an art-based tent encampment?

Summarized and proposed to continue dialogue at the next meeting. Passed.

Agenda item #4 – Building Awareness of Local Events (i.e. civic center) for Potential Action and Outreach - 

General agreement on the idea

Agenda item #5 – City Council Action - 

Residents can address the chamber for an allotted time.

Suggestion that the recent cumulative voting issue merits our attention.

May be too late to build a referendum.

Build a regular presence at these meetings?

Research constructive arguments to present to the public?

Mic check events? (Appropriateness for city council? May work once?)

Can we can draw an experienced Chicago activist to increase effectiveness of the mic check?

Build a constructive dialogue with city hall?

Agenda item #6 – Peer Review of Statistic Leaflets - 

Don’t confuse stats with demands.

Keep citations.

Post on the .org page.

Outreach group should be involved with this action.

Agenda item #7 – Video Production - 

30 second interviews? Practice interviewing each other.

Preview of footage on a private website thread and/or GAs.

An occupy Peoria YouTube page has been created.

Good press.

Agenda item #8 – Reinforce Getting Working Groups and Meetings on Website - 

Own a working group. They were chosen from the NYC model. 

Post events.


[Congratulations for a completed week. Proof of concept. Learned useful things.] 

Agenda item #9 – Media - 

A local pjstar journalist inquired about our winter presence.

Invite him to a GA? Ask him to come to the next Saturday GA?

The Solidarity Journal will record audio and interviews next Tuesday.

End GA. 12 present.

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