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General Assembly Minutes – Saturday, December 10th – 3pm

December 13, 2011 in Assemblies, GA Minutes

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General Assembly Minutes – Saturday, December 10th – 3pm

Agenda item #1 – Response to Two Media Questions -

[Media Question 1]
What has been the reaction to Occupy Peoria from the general public?

Overwhelmingly positive comments and interactions, with the exception of a few who said that the sidewalk chalk was dirty. “Get a job” was shouted a few times. Handful of drunks on weekend nights. High traffic for both business or school during the weekdays.

Conversations with new people and perspectives. Homeless interaction and outreach.

[15 people]

Some disagreements at first, but they opened up a dialogue that usually ended with the sharing of personal stories sympathetic to the movement.

Support with donated food. Lots of homeless. They have relevant issues and contributed to GAs. In general, neutral or positive feedback. 

Overwhelmingly positive. Cars stop and donate items.

Thank yous and handshakes. Combating illusions and wild stereotypes.

People can see we can make a difference symbolism.

[Media Question 2] 
What do we plan on doing through the winter, next spring, etc.?

Distribute flyers. Develop five reasons why we support OWS and also localized to peoria’s goals. Discuss how to get the message out. 

Teach-ins regarding issues people need to be aware of. Informational presentations and leaflets. YouTube clips. 

Continue to address the issue of income inequality and how out of control it’s gotten. Discuss power and equality issues. Corps and politics revolving door? Out of publics’ control?

How to harness the populist movement? Develop a cooperative body. Refine the message.

Occupy our homes with foreclosed homes? Find families to help put back in homes. How do we find those places?

Agenda Item #2 – Outreach -

Goal construction. Find five common goals. Distinguish between reasons and goals.

1. Overturn citizen’s united: Corporations aren’t people
2. Banking accountability
3. Cut wasteful defense spending
4. Tax reform
5. Fair trade policy

Discussion on leaving them flexible. Room for personal goals.

Good discussion talking points.

Agenda item #3 – Mayor’s Article -

[Public reading of the article of discussion]

We are looking to reinstate values that Jim Ardis simplifies.
Write a letter in response?
Make an appointment with Jim’s office to meet him?
Visual protest (shoe-shine boxes)?
Circulating Jim Ardis article to public?

Agenda Item #4 – Outreach Announcement-

Good ideas for grievances (flyer created by Harry).
Flyer shows why many are angry or dismayed about major imbalances.
Do not narrow it down to a few things, but add to a list.
Purpose of outreach?
Handing out flyers to Grand Prairie?
Reachout to people on Martin Luther King Day?
Jan 25th ICC fair for student activities. Put up a booth or just go there and visit with people.
Jan 20th Occupy Court House.
Trying to connect the people, get their interest to our events and form groups that will be a service to them.
Go to different areas of the community and make others aware of Occupy.
Outreach community will meet Tuesday at 4pm

Agenda Item #5 – Bringing a Speaker to Peoria on War - 

“Soldiers of Conscience” showing of film. http://www.soldiers-themovie.com/AboutFilmmakers.html

Two day event expense would be plane tickets for conscientious objector and former Staff Sgt of Florida National Guard Camilo Mejia and Marie and a speaker fee.

Get a Co-Sponsor: partnering with Bradley University or Veterans for Peace and Peoria Area Peace Network?

Peoria Downtown Public library says they have a good facility here to have showing of movie and speaker.

March and June would work to bring in speakers. If we did it in March, leaflet it during March Madness at the Civic Center? 

Money Issue

Agenda Item #6 – Winterizing Occupation/24.7 Occupation/What’s Next/Occupy Our Homes - 

Very Cold.
No one walking by.
Is it worth it?
Concentrate on outreach.
Energies maybe more important to do teach-ins
Play day-by-day
Check supplies and things are tidy every so often.
Sliming things down on occupation
Discussed the same things that were brought at Tuesday’s GA Dec. 6th
Keep in contact with those who are homeless friends.
Do more for homeless in general
Propane tanks to heat area.
Put signs on inside of windows at storefronts or empty buildings.

Agenda Item #7 – Leaflet corrections -

More cited sources. 
Take out the word “Goals”
Do we want two different leaflets: One with facts, the other with issues?
Simplify flyer information by presenting more info on .org site?

Agenda Item #8 – Possible teach-ins - 

Get students involved after Christmas break.
Developing a reading list.
Bradley professors teaching social movement and community organizing courses have expressed interest.
Topic suggestions and schedule we want? weekly or monthly?
Talk about the history of social movements.
Incorporate outreach’s five issues for teach-in topic structure? refer to leaflet?

1 response to General Assembly Minutes – Saturday, December 10th – 3pm

  1. As Winter descends, the commitment of Occupy Groups across Illinois, especially Occupy Peoria, is a testament to those who fight for economic justice and fundamental fairness.  Despite what some commentators and pundits say, the Occupy Movement is based on values – that people come before profits, and that we can and must invest in our country again instead of allowing corporations to dictate policies that only benefit the 1%. As someone who has just joined the Occupy Movement online, I truly want to say "thank you" to you all, the individuals who are braving the elements to fight for fundamental fairness and economic justice.

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