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General Assembly Minutes – Saturday, Jan. 7th 2012- 5:00pm

January 8, 2012 in Assemblies, GA Minutes, News

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Agenda Item #1- Sit-down with Mayor Jim Ardis:

-The Mayor wanted to know why we wanted to meet him.

-Had to remind him that he wrote a condescending article about the Occupy movement.

-Either he wrote about us without researching or had a ghostwriter.

-Confront the Mayor as a group of concerned citizens.

-Have face-to-face conversation.

-7-8 people going as of right now.

-Mayor is giving us 30 minutes to talk.

-Possibly give a picture of Occupy or information.

-Bring up talking points.

-Link our news coverage.

-Let him know that we’ll be occupying again and we’ll picket and protest.

-Let him know that members of the Occupy found his magazine article condescending.

-Give a clear message of what Occupy is about.

-Neighborhoods that aren’t taken care of because of the lower income homes.

-Meet up 30 min prior to meeting and go over the issues on what will be discussed

-As taxpayers and active voters the Mayor have been a disappointment.

-Mayor is answerable to the people when he writes against us.

-Ask him first what the occupy movement is about.

-Or wait and tell him first what the movement is about (each persons view).

-Can we record this?

-One of major reasons for existence is that “we are the discussion starters”.

-Meeting not to represent the Occupy Peoria movement as a whole, but as individuals.


Agenda Item #2-Jan 20th for Occupy the Courts (Move to Amend):

-Local Move to Amend chapter wanting to do 11am-1pm action outside Courthouse

-Friday would be the day since a lot of people will be downtown outside the courthouse.

-Bring Banners that say “We the People…” and have the constitution on there,

-2nd banner will say something like “money does not equal speech”

-3rd banner “Corporations are not people”.

-Flyer distributed at GA for Move to Amend day of action

-Flyer can can be viewed at link below:


-Bernie Sanders name was included in flyer

-Sanders amendment has a lot missing compared to the Move to Amend Amendment

-Bernie Sanders name should be taken out along with his website

-Move to Amend Amendment read out loud at GA.

-Working with Occupy Peoria to Occupy our Courts.

-Using chalk, skits, and handout flyers.

-Speaker to be decided.

-Move to Amend working on a new data network for easier use.

-Suggestions for the name of the Move to Amend Amendment (link to Move to Amend).

-Sanders Amendment would be addressed at the Jan 20th action.

-Next conference call for Move to Amend is Jan 17th.

-One of the members of the local move to amend never heard back about coordinating.

-Backside of pamphlet shows movetoamend.org is misspelled. Corrected

-Suggested to also have a rally on Jan 21st outside the courts. Little interest was shown.

-Proposal to commit to staying until 5pm and make more plans.

-GPPC has been meeting and will again about spreading the word.

-Event will be talked about through the UU church and pushing out flyers on campus.

-Pam Adams was contacted and will interview Bill Poorman.

-Keep posting information on facebook

-Tamara’s mom can contact the unions about joining.

-At this point, the holidays has made things more difficult to communicate.

-Educational outreach committee can do more work on getting the word out.

-Put up flyers up around the shops after they have been corrected.

-The Move to Amend is picking up speed.

-Would Galesburg or Bloomington join this event or are they doing one already?



Agenda Item #3: Curious about Fragmented Occupy communications online:

-Too many fragmented groups, but more importantly people aren’t communicating.

-Accusations of people going off and doing things on their own.

-People are making it their show instead of making everyone involved.

-The occupy web list server (email) completely stopped.

-The website has been low activity.

-Small group process with rough communications in the beginning.

-People who were “Ron Paul supporters” had the first facebook website.

-Some tried to do a “Progressive” website.

-Bradley had another facebook website.

-It would be nice to have one facebook website.

-Talks about how we should put everything behind us with the divisions.

-People would just make meetings on the spot without doing input.

-If we had a more fleshed out calendar

-The private conversation on facebook talks about stuff, but nothings ever decided there

-Start doing a RSVP process.

-Should we decide not to have a GA if there’s a weekend that a lot of people are gone?

-The calendar is up on the website, but it’s the weakest areas.

-Entertain using another piece of software for a calendar

-Comcast notified us instantly when emails were not going through.

-The occupypeoria site would shutdown sometimes at weird moments.



Agenda Item #4-In Solidarity With Canadian Auto Workers (lockout):

-International solidarity day Jan 21st.

-Will find unions positions.

-Saturday they wanted people outside in front of CAT HQ the week up to Sat. 21st.

-Call the Union Hall. Ask the UAW leadership what’s planned.

-Occupy should make contact with Canadian HQ.

-All these talks will be put on the discussion board at the website.

-Contact Canada UAW to find out more information

-Could not give a definitive yes on doing anything since not enough for quorum or time

-Find email address to and contact. Get any information.


Agenda Item #5-Peoria Area Peace Network (March event):

-PAPN will discuss the March event Sat. 21st 10:30am in meeting.

-Center of Conscience and War was contacted. http://www.centeronconscience.org/ (http://www NULL.centeronconscience NULL.org/)

-Asked how we would feel about having an event in Peoria about war.

- Reaching out to Camilo Mejía United States to speak about conscientious objector.

-Camilo has not confirmed if he can make the date or not.

-March 2nd and 3rd have a speaking event, art type performance

-Draw people in from Bloomington and Galesburg.

-Goals were to fully network in the area and reach out to high schools.

-Use library for venue if reservations are made promptly, but downtown closes at 6pm.

-High schools will be contacted for holding the event.

-Meet again Jan. 21st at First Baptist Church to plan event.

-This will be $1,500 to do.

-Clearlake Quaker meeting will sponsor.

-PAPN $200-$350 sponsor.



Agenda Item #6-Report outs from committee:

-Not much going on with working groups.

-Direct Action Meeting Planned for Jan 10th 5pm at Bradley Library:



Agenda Item #7-Upcoming Elections Primaries candidates:

-We have been figuring out our calendar that we want to represent or voice our opinions.

-Not to support any candidates or politicians.

-Declaration of Occupy Wall Street, basically saying no to any politicians.

-Support the ideas of politicians.

-Stay away from candidates.

-Not asking candidates to support you.

-Have people go to city council meetings.

-Local issues are where we’ll have the best chance of making an impact.

-Elections are rigged and are pointless to vote until it represents us.



Agenda Item #8-St Louis Event March 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th:

 -Not enough time to talk about. Will follow up on:

http://interoccupy.org/regional-conference-in-st-louis-mo-315-318/ (http://interoccupy NULL.org/regional-conference-in-st-louis-mo-315-318/)



Agenda Item #9-National General Assembly Philadelphia Summer July 4th 2012:

-Information will be put on Calendar. Not enough time to talk about.


4 responses to General Assembly Minutes – Saturday, Jan. 7th 2012- 5:00pm

  1. Justin Stoned from NYCGA Think Tank group claims, according to Twitter, the Philadelphia event is a political co-opt by the 99% Declaration Group. Boston and NYC are not participating.

  2. More info please on Justin Stone and how old is the twitter comment. Someone had posted info on Occupy Peoria FB page about 99%Dec and I posted Philly’s report that they want nothing to do with 99%Dec:

    http://occupyphillymedia.org/content/99-declaration-receives-vote-%E2%80%9Cno-support%E2%80%9D-op-ga (http://occupyphillymedia NULL.org/content/99-declaration-receives-vote-%E2%80%9Cno-support%E2%80%9D-op-ga)

    (99%Dec replies to the post if you scroll down through the comment section)

    Does that mean that The National General Assembly in Philly is in the same situation?

  3. I think it’s run by the same group, the 99% Dec. The tweet is maybe a month old, I haven’t look or tried to contact him back yet. We NEED a media team to handle all that!!!

  4. http://interoccupy.org/philadelphia-coc-national-gathering-process-proposal-communique-1/ (http://interoccupy NULL.org/philadelphia-coc-national-gathering-process-proposal-communique-1/)

    The General Assembly at Occupy Philadelphia has countered by passing its own “National Gathering Process Proposal,” which insists that it would only host such a convention if it were planned and peopled by the other Occupy GAs.

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