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Saturday January 14th G.A. Minutes

January 16, 2012 in Assemblies, GA Minutes

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The G.A. Started at 3:10pm with Andrea as Facilitator and Tamara as Stack Coordinator and myself as Recorder. There were 15 people in attendance. The Agenda was discussed as follows:

1. “Occupy the Corporations”, Andrea reported that she attended a conference call involving Occupy Portland, Oregon’s request for a National Day of protest against ALEC on February 29th. Nothing concrete is planned but information about ALEC can be found on Alecexposed.org. The next conference call will be on Jan.26th at 8pm. It was suggested that maybe a teach-in can be organized at Bradley before the protest. Bradley students will have to help organize if we wish to do this on campus and involve Bradley professors. The item was tabled for later G.A.s

2. Reducing the number of participants in a G.A. to constitute a quorum was discussed. The fifteen attendees was one person short of a quorum. It has been some time since Occupy has had a quorum but it hasn’t hampered Dirrect Action being taken. It was suggested that at the G.A. that has 16 persons attending, ( hopefully the G.A. on Friday, 20 January at 1pm,)a quorum can address the issue and possibly reduce the number to ten or a dozen.
The two extremes are having 4 or 5 persons calling themselves Occupy and taking action in the name of Occupy or never having 16 people in a G.A. and not being able to agree to take action on anything.

3. Bill Poorman of the local Move to Amend affiliate spoke of the planned Rally by Move to Amend at the Federal Courthouse on Friday, January 20th at 11am until 1pm. He described what was planned so far and that 3 banners will be on display (two of which were shown at the G.A.). He asked permission to e-mail the Occupy mailing list to recruit fellow protestors of the Supreme Court’s decision two years ago to grant Corporations the rights of citizens. No one in attendance voiced opposition to the request. There was discussion of how Move to Amend’s proposed changes to the constitution were different than other proposals drafted by Senator Sanders or Senator Durbin. And there was discussion as to whether Unions would support our Rally locally. Everyone was encouraged to spread the word about the Rally. Tamara discussed plans to distribute leaflets about Occupy afterwards. Most of the attendees indicated they would be willing to stay after 1pm to continue protesting.

4. The question of whether to Protest outside of Caterpillar on January 21st in solidarity with the Canadian UAW of London, Ontario was discussed. Some members are in contact with London and are wanting to know if the local UAW is planning anything locally. The suggestion was made to identify Occupiers who have no direct involvement with Caterpillar and would be available to protest in the future as needed. Since there were no further details available, discussion was tabled.

5. Discussion of Future City Council visits and development of a proposed Resolutions for City Council’s to adopt was next. A recommendation was made to form a working group for drafting a Resolution for cities to adopt. Another recommendation was made to pre-plan and coordinate citizen comments to the Peoria City Council in order to educate the council and viewers on TV. Again Bill Poorman offered to work with Occupy in drafting a resolution but said that Move to Amend is now working on a petition drive for Ballot questions to force State Governments to draft resolutions refuting Corporate Citizenship. The dealine for the petition collection is in August in order to be on the November ballot. Don suggested that the Peoria County board also be addressed about adopting a resolution.

6. Willy Crowder addressed the G.A. about his dilema with the Peoria City Government which wants to demolish his apartment property soon.
He has run out of time to repair the property and the city seems anxious to demolish it and charge him 8 thousand dollars. He said he is giving up his fight after addressing the City Council and getting no sympathy. The members of the G.A. asked him if we could visit his property on January 16th at 1pm to get a first hand look at the property and to document his story. Willy said he would meet us at 1419 Milman at 1pm. Harry said he contacted a city inspector and is waiting for a response to see if there is a way to delay demolition.

The G.A. was adjourned at 5pm. The next G.A. will convene on January 20th at 1pm in front of the Federal Court House.

1 response to Saturday January 14th G.A. Minutes

  1. I highly disagree with reducing the number to reach a quorum to less than 15. Anything less could lead to decisions being made with only a handful of people. Maybe we can start an online survey to get more voices? I’m not sure where or how, but someone might!

    I agree with including the county board as well. Has anyone contacted anymore board members, city or county? Are we continuing our lobbying efforts?! Having the citizens share their story is a great idea!

    Let everyone know when, if any, occupation/action of Willie’s house will be taking place. Everyone should send out messages to all friends and family once we have specifics. Imagine a hundred people squatting…

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