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by Don

January 20th Rally at the Federal Courthouse 11am to 1pm

December 22, 2011 in Future Proposals

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In support of the planned demonstrations across the nation by Move to Amend and other organizations opposed to the Supreme Court Decision made 1 year ago on January 21st, Occupy Peoria should participate alongside those assembled to voice our support to Amendments which will overturn the Supreme Court’s Decision. More details will be discussed at the December 24th, General Assembly at the Peoria Public Library at 3pm.

by Don

Proposal for the November 26th General Assembly

November 21, 2011 in Future Proposals

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Since this subject keeps coming up and it sounds applicable to Peoria’s citizens’ right to better representation in City GOvernment, I would like to add to the agenda the possibility for Action by the Occupy Peoria movement to start a petition drive to force a ballot issue to increase the number of districts and to reduce the number of at-large members of City Council in Peoria in order to give fair representation for Peoria’s citizens. Details known so far include:
1. The threshold is high and the timeline short – 7,050 signatures from registered Peoria voters by December 19th, 2011
2. Today, the city has (5) representative districts & (5) at large council members. All (5) of the at large members are from the 5th district – the highest income per capita of the districts by far – meaning essentially 60% of Council is from the 5th district.
3. After months of public hearings and public comments in favor of changing the city’s cumulative voting system for City Council, the current representatives voted largely against giving voters an opportunity to even weigh in on changes on the March ballot.

Please research this issue and bring your thoughts and information to the November 26th General Assembly at the Peoria Public Library at 3pm.