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From Ellingson, Oct. 17

October 17, 2011 in Site Feedback

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Hi, I’m part of the movement (I was the guy with the drum and yellow “McDonalds kills” shirt on Saturday). I was just speaking with a friend who’s been active with Occupy Chicago and she had some solid advice (copied/pasted from our facebook conversation):

“i think it’s important that if anyone at peoria decides to get arrested they should plan it and consult a lawyer first for some advice on proper civil disobedience because random arrests could lead to resistance / rioting / bad things we had civil disobedience training and an amazing lawyer and our legal team at hand the national lawyers guild supports us maybe you can get a rep to hang out, that’s where ours is from”

It makes sense to me that we should plan out ahead of time who is willing to get arrested if need be. Civil disobedience training would be AWESOME. I looked up the National Lawyers Guild and it doesn’t seem like there may be one around here, but it might not hurt to contact the contact in Chicago: http://www.nlg.org/members/professional-chapters/midwest/ (http://www NULL.nlg NULL.org/members/professional-chapters/midwest/)

We should probably stay in contact with Blooming-Normal and Galesburg about these resources as well.

From Occupy Rockford, Oct 16

October 16, 2011 in Site Feedback

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I just wanted to pass along some of the resources we have had up here. Contact Occupy Chicago…they came to Rockford and gave us great suggestions, offered up ideas on how they organized, great ways to stop fake scammer sites that may try to guise as Occupy Peoria, etc.
Good luck to you guys, if we can help you in anyway, let us know!